Committees are a great way to get involved with VAPGA and make a difference in your association. Committees are open to all active members, and you may join as many committees as you like. Please contact the Committee Chair listed to inquire about membership in a specific committee.

Education & Safety
Chair - Trent Johnson (Bergquist)

Mission: To continually offer and advance the highest quality educational programs, safety information, regulatory expertise and resource materials related to the propane industry, to manage our membership, their employees and consumers, through utilization of the Association’s relationships with NPGA, PERC and state/local agencies.

Governmental Affairs
Chair - Elizabeth McCormick (Phillips Energy)

Mission: To build long-term relationships with elected and appointed officials in the executive, legislative ad judicial branches of state government, along with officials at state regulatory agencies, to advance the interests of the propane industry in Virginia through cooperation, education and advocacy with those state entities, as well as support national industry initiatives.

Market Development
Chair - Tom Krupa (NGL Supple) *Interim*

Mission: To advance the industry through programs and publicity that enhance public awareness of propane, provide member opportunities to increase utilization and sales and disseminate information to energy decision-makers and others.

Chair - Rita Pecilunas (Otodata)
Co-Chair - Stephanie Richards (Elite Power and Energy)

Mission: To serve member companies and enhance the Association by soliciting new members, addressing retention of existing members, developing member benefit programs, educating members on the need to report annual propane sales and developing possible meeting locations and topics.

Chair - Trent McKenzie (Woodgate Petroleum)

Mission: To contribute to Association events and enhance networking through program suggestions and sponsorship of the hospitality suite and receptions.

Chair - John Phillips (Phillips Energy)

Mission: To solicit, collect and distribute funds as contributions to candidates for the state legislature who, by their acts, demonstrate interest in the propane gas industry and the private enterprise system.

Young Gassers
Chair - Jamison Walker (Blossman)

Mission: To manage and promote the Association’s scholarship program by offering diverse fundraising events that enhance Association meetings.